Waste Disposal

It is an unfortunate fact that not all waste can be recycled, however it is still a waste product and needs disposing of somewhere.  Thankfully due to our excellent relationships with partner companies in the waste industry we have a comprehensive network that can accommodate most waste streams.

A common misconception is that hazardous or toxic waste is difficult to dispose of and whilst in a small amount of cases this may be true, by and large the solution is just one phone call to Trade Effluent Services Ltd away.

Our transport fleet comprises of different levels of tanker with different specifications ranging from aluminium vacuum tankers to fully equipped ADR vehicles capable of carrying 30,000 litres.

Combined with our specialist trained drivers and tanker operators dealing with wastes such as acids, caustics, paint sludges, chemicals and other hazardous materials becomes no more difficult than disposing of paper.

Trade Effluent Services Ltd hold all the necessary licenses and have an in house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor to make sure the highest levels of safety and compliance are observed for our customers, our employees and the general public whilst the waste is in transit.

We operate a strict paperwork system with full traceability of all wastes transfers giving you peace of mind when it comes to compliance.