Waste Recycling

Half a million tonnes… or to try and illustrate this, 11 times the weight of the liner ‘Titanic’… Sound a lot?

This is the typical quantity of waste that Trade Effluent Services Ltd process through our recycling annually.

Since conception we have been committed to what has become an international buzz word – RECYCLING.  In our case this is best demonstrated through our use of sub-soil land injection facilities.

In basic terms, if a waste has what we refer to as ‘Agricultural Benefit’ then our environmental department are the specialists you need to speak to.  Utilising our vacuum tanker fleet and multiple land bank facilities across the North West we collect and recycle bulk waste back into the earth effectively using it as a fertiliser.

Where wastes are unsuitable for processing through our own recycling sites we are able to find alternative solutions through our well established network of partners and are committed to finding the best possible outlet for your waste at the best possible price.